Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Update At Long Last...

Well, it has been a bit and a half since my last post...many sincere apologies on that. Part of that has been due to work, and part due to the fact that I recently moved to Washington State (which was a loooong drive).

Being in the Pacific Northwest, I have to say I never knew how much I missed hearing rain... :D

Or something like that...




  1. Good to see you again dude. Welcome to your new home.

  2. Wait... ...what? You moved?! Man... am out of the loop! Hope the move went smoothly for you! Best of luck in the new surroundings!

  3. Piya!

    Thanks, mate! I hope I'll have more time to post in the near future, though if I can't because I just have too much art to do...well...I won't complain over much. :P


    No worries :D I wasn't advertising the move at all, truth be told, as I would have felt like a real pillock if I ended up not, well, moving. It was one heck of a drive, but it was definitely worth it.