Friday, August 6, 2010

The Fall of Color-dolin...

Not one of my wittier titles, to be sure...

No technicolor today, folks. As I've decided to start including some rather involved backgrounds to my work, it was time to get back to basics, so, cue tonal sketches!

Starting with the four primary tones (darkest, dark grey, light grey, lightest), I did some thumbs, picked one, and sketched away...

...which ended in this rather solemn piece (zoom in to the figures for added ambiance). Hmmm...looking at it now, I'm getting a distinct Tolkien vibe as this reminds me of the Fall of Gondolin.

Might be worth exploring further...?



Edit: Posted a slightly revised version: decided to make the midground a lake!


  1. I really enjoy this painting. It's inspiring. I'm actually starting a project soon, and this was a serendipitous discovery. It helped get me in the mood to paint :) Thank you. Nice work.

  2. Justin!

    Okay, reading this really made my day, so thank you!

    When I first got into this industry, one of the main things I hoped to accomplish was not to be remembered for all time or acclaimed above all others (though, I wouldn't be opposed to such on principle :D), but the hope that one day something I did would inspire someone out, with utmost sincerity, thank you again :D