Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Close Call...

More tonal tomfoolery...

...I wish "ninja" was considered a socially acceptable career choice. 'Course, the insurance premiums would probably be hell (well, more so than normal.)




  1. muahaha ninja, imagine putting that on your CV.
    wow you're really being super productive!
    and can see you're being more dynamic!
    I have to catch up!

    ah thats very kind of you to pass on stuff!
    *feels not worthy*
    hopefully I can leave NZ, do arting for a living and join all you cool people!

  2. Jeff!

    Dude, you having to catch up with me!?! I dare say it's the other way around, sir! The other way!!!

    Man, working with you at the same studio would be a trip. Fingers crossed on that (gods, I'm going to run out of fingers...)