Monday, July 5, 2010

Back, Broken, and Blissful!

-Ami "Bakachi", Taiga "Palmtop Tiger," Minorin!

Well, I'm back from AX '10, and I am quite frankly broken. Just broken, and insanely happy in a way that only 4 straight days of bloody awesome can do! :D

Right now I'm doing my best to recover (I lost my voice on day 2 at the May'n and Megumi concert :P), collecting photos from my friends (being the artist it's, for some reason, my job to deal with them), and, honestly, collecting my thoughts on the experience. This way, my actual blog update/report on AX will make some form of coherent sense (though fall far, far short of the actuality--seriously, you just have to be there.)

Still, till then (probably later this week), the above is a nice preview image of the lovely, lovely cosplay that abounded there and made LA a rather beautiful place, specifically (in this case) of the main heroines of Toradora (which might very well be my favorite romance comedy anime!)

Ja ne!


p.s. Many thanks to for taking all the pictures I missed :P


  1. Ahaha~ sounds you had a blast there! :)

  2. Bakkanekko!

    I did indeed. Right now I'm going through about 140+ mb of pictures, and my voice still hasn't come back in full...a sure sign of a very good time! :D