Monday, July 12, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Part Deux


-There are definitely worse ways to start the day...ahem...

Friday was replete with a great many things to do (like the first Danny Choo panel and meeting Horie Yui -squeee!-), but first things first was to run off to the dealers hall to check out all the stuff (of which there was a lot)! One of my first purchases was at the Fakku booth where I procured a deliciously hilarious t-shirt emblazoned with a hen wearing a tie (get it: hen-tie :P), and the firm conclusion that anyone who did not get the joke had no business being at AX.

-Boston Anime Con the week before, then AX, and afterward a con in Connecticut...rock on crazy!

Of course, being the super geek that I am, I was cosplaying throughout the day as one Jigen Daisuke of Lupin fame. Along way, my friend (as Lupin III) and I ran into some like minded compatriots. We were even able to make a drinking game out of being asked, "Where's Goemon?"

-One of the only guys I know who's crazy thin enough to be Lupin

-My friend and the Fuzz...where's Zenigata!?!

-It's not petty larceny if the loot's honkin' big!

-Gods, that beard was itchy...

-Storm...the oft forgotten member of the Lupin gang...

Along the way, we even made a new friend who decided to hang with us for a bit, and I'm fair certain my friend's head exploded from delight!

-Director Watanabe "Nabeshin" Shinichi, the only man I know that can cosplay as...himself!

-By Buddha's belly, did we get stuff signed! :D

However, as there was a concert I really wanted to go to in the afternoon, I eventually had to head off, taking the shortest route I could. Though, this being AX, short or long, every route was quite scenic (and quite appropriate considering the destination...)

-Sheryl-san, proof positive that Nature really f!@#'ed up by not making pink a natural hair color...

-Ranka Lee and Copic...yeah, I almost proposed on the spot :P

-Sheryl Nome always had a different outfit on Macross Frontier

-Valiant try, but no man can cosplay as Saotome Alto...even the girls thought he was a woman!

-Okay, not Macross, but K-ON!'s music-centric, too, and it's freakin' MIO for crying out loud (Don't Say Lazy version to boot!)

...the destination which was the May'n and Nakajima Megumi Concert! Indeed, when it was announced two months ago, I squea'ed until I could squea no more (but first, I bought a ticket). In all seriousness, I am a huge Macross Fan as it was the anime that got me into anime all those long years ago. It had transforming mechs, an epic love story set against a backdrop of interstellar war, and actual depth as it was culture and music that ultimately won the day...yeah, it was definitely love at first sight and not just a summer thing. So, of course I absolutely adored the 25th anniversary series, Macross Frontier and the two songstress leads, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee (respectively). That May'n and Nakajima made their American Debut at AX, well, made me shed manly tears of delight.

Yeah, I'm a total fanboy. Oh, well.

The concert was held at the Nokia Theater (as were all the concerts--there were metric tonne this year!), and having gotten my ticket early, well, my friend and I had rather good seats :D

First up was May'n, and dear lords, does she have a powerful voice. That and endurance, too, as she did at least 6 songs in row without a break. Yikes!

-I think I lost all pretense at restraint at this point...

After she was done, May'n then introduced Nakajima Megumi. Where May'n emphasized a maturer, sexy sound and look, Nakajima was all about youthful innocence...quite appropriate considering their characters in Macross Frontier. Oh, and Nakajima also powered her way through her songs without break as well. Nippon Banzai!


Of course, the mystery guest was then revealed (and explained the presence of the empty piano) as YOKO KANNO, the spring from which all great Anime music flows from! At this point, I could have died happy...

-She is very, very thin...and awesome!

The concert ended with Nakajima Megumi being accompanied by Yoko Kanno (who is an incredible pianist, composer, everything), and then the return of May'n for duet versions of both Lion and Triangular.

To say I had a great time would be a travesty of an understatement. Suffice to say that my voice was reduced to a bass whisper afterward. That, and I'm told by friend (whose left ear went deaf during the concert) that I can, apparently, yell quite loudly. I wonder if his sitting to my right had anything to do with his ear...?


May'N in Concert (Excerpt) - Anime Expo 2010 from Anime Diet on Vimeo.

-A short excerpt of the first part of the concert

After the concert, we were found ourselves a nice spot of Miyazaki cosplay, too!

-Okay, no smart-ass comments from me...that's just amazing...

-I had to pick up my friend's jaw from the floor afterward...he's a real sucker for blue :P

-Can't neglect your diet at AX!

...and then some of the best Final Fantasy XIII cosplay ever. Indeed, I loudly declared (I do that a lot) that these two had won Expo!

-Wait for it...

-...wait for it...


For the night, we hung out with our friend, Foster, at the Palms during Happy Hour during which freshly sucked oysters were a dollar a piece. Oh, and don't forget the Kobe beef sliders which were three for 3.50...gorge we did. Then, it as off to the usual routine of parties, sunrise, and no sleep. Somewhere along the way Friday ended and Saturday began...


To be Continued...


  1. HUUUFFFFFF!!!! Now I'm totally jealous :(( I wanna go to anime expo too >_> The K-On's so cute!! And the Final Fantasy ;__; man.. I was speechless.. I love FF~~

  2. Bakkanekko!

    Well, start planning now, especially, as 2011 is the 20th anniversary, and it's going to be big!

    Yeah, I love K-On and the Dvd of the live performance with the va's was recently released...squeeeee!