Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Part 1

-AX took up everything from the Staple Center to the Nokia Theater and all that was in between...and there was an Ita-bus!

First off, many apologies for the lateness of this post. I can only offer that I was both rather busy and recovering for the lion's share of the week...that, and since I agonize over every little thing I write, I kept putting it, I shouldn't have said that.


Anyhoo, what follows is my attempt at a day by day recap of each, errr, day of AX punctuated by a smattering of pictures, though, not all of mine as I had some 300+ gathered from various sources and friends (and that I usually had to adjust in PS...sigh).

Now, each day was literally jammed pack with amazing events both big and small, so there was no way to attend them all. As such, I've limited myself to the highlights of each day which by no means should be considered comprehensive of all that I partook of. Oh, and as a final disclaimer, I've tried my best to insert each picture on the day it was taken, but considering my shoddy bookkeeping skills, I probably failed quite miserably. :D

So, without further ado, let's have at it!

Okay, the official day before AX sets off, this is when all the cool kids came by to pickup their preregistered badges (usually of the 4 day variety) as well as the industry and press types. Now, my friend and I arrived 2-3 hours early, and even by then, there were probably over a thousand people queueing and by the end of the day several times that having gone through. As is AX tradition, the line was punctuated by cosplayers and everyone was surely glad for the beautifully cool weather (which would hold for the entirety of Expo)...thank goodness I remembered my annual ritual sacrifice to the Gods of Anime...

-AX constantly reminds me of the application of Platonic thought to Anime: The truly wise geek knows that there is more anime that he does not know than he knows...knows...

Of course, I was Industry this year, so I bypassed all the lines, essentially waltzed in to get my pass, and then proceeded to wave it at the regular attendee line...

...or something like that.

Yes, I am a bit of a dick. :P


-Even the lines are cool at Expo!

First thing first was the opening ceremony which featured the absolutely huge array of Guests of Honor and Special Guests (complete list here), though there were a lot of technical snaffu's this year. That, and traffic was an unholy blight. Still, bloody awesome, especially when the Tokyo Stormtrooper Danny Choo took the stage as the faux MC!

-Translator-san...simply put, the best translator on the AX staff...and plays a mean ukulele.

Afterward, it was time to check into the Wilshire Grand (which was also where all the crews of Air Japan apparently stayed), and then head back to the Convention proper (where we ran into old friends and various good omens along the way!)

-Anime Expo Puppies! A sure sign of the awesomeness that followed!

-Zombie Jackson...proof that Anime crosses the bounds of life and death...too soon?

-Foster showing why he is deserves to be a Lupin, and one of our merry band for the weekend...

Now, the highlights, event-wise of the day, were the 25 Years of Robotech panel and the perennial favorite, the AX AMV contest!

While I am a avid Macross fan, the Robotech guys really, really know how to run a panel. Fun stories, original voice actors and writers, and plenty of prizes (some worth $300-$400 O.o)...yeah, a great, great time. By the by, if you're going to Comic Con, you can catch them there as well...seriously, ask a good question, and get something amazing as a prize!

-Yep, huge cloth wall poster signed by the original voice cast of Robotech...

The AMV contest was, put simply, amazing this year with the Comedy Category really showing off its hilarious muscles. You should be able to youtube to find them all, but to save you some time, here's the winner of Best Comedy, Staff Vote and Best of Show:

-Michael is such a great MC...oh, and that is not me yelling...I have absolutely no idea who took this video but I salute you sir!

Oh, and there's was cosplay going on too... ;)

-Setsuna was too busy being "Gundam..."

-Where's Faye!?!

-It's amazing what you can do with cardboard...

-Elicia-chan, kawaiiiii!

-Not really an Expo without at least one Tifa (and squid guy in the background...)

-Grell...creepiest girl cosplaying as a guy who thinks he's a girl character ever...

-Bridget of Guilty's a TRAP!

The day wrapped with many a party, meeting new and old friends, and watching the sun rise...actually, that's how every day ended. :D

To Be Continued...

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  1. Daaaannngg!!! Expos are awesome, especially Anime Expo XD the Avatar was epic lol! Hurrr.. next week there's a cosplay even in my place, I hope I can go and take shots too X]
    Oh, the cardboard robot thing is awesome, can't believe it made of a cardboard @_@