Friday, July 16, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 the Final Frontier (well, until next year...)


-No pun or hidden meaning here...I just really like Totoro :)

Well, with much ado and totally justifiable delay (yeah...I got introduced to the Heroic Age anime which is much akin to a black hole of awesome from which no free time can escape from...), we come to the 4th and final day of Anime Expo 2010.

Compared to the preceding days, not much goes on for the final day. However, that still meant there was still a slew of things such as the last Danny Choo panel, the premier of the very last episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and of course, the closing ceremonies (which happened about an hour later than last year :). It goes without saying (though that never stopped me before) that Sunday was also the best day to cut a deal in the Exhibition Hall, and much cutting was indeed to be had (art books for $10.00 per!) Oh, and I also ended up doing an impromptu speed painting demo at the Wacom booth on the new Cintiq. Yeah, that was fun :P

I think there was some cosplay going on, too :P

-Sengoku Basara, the manliest anime ever and best cosplayed by females...wait, what?

-Great dancer (I can personally attest) and one of the best Ed's I've seen...

-Just because Dullahans are headless doesn't mean they can't be sexy, sexy beasts :P

-This guy was selling the "good stuff..." ;)

-K-On! Yui!! MUGI!!!

-Okay, I'll admit that I forgot to include this in my Day 2 recap, but I just had to slot it in. I mean, just look at it. Warmachine!

-Omen of Comic Con to come...?

-I still don't fancy fastfood...though Wendy does make quite the compelling argument... :P

-Gurren Lagann...more GAAAR than Lucas could ever hope to be!

-Let's be honest, you can never have enough Yoko...

-I think this is from Ergo Proxy, but I'll be honest, that really wasn't at the forefront of my focus... ;P

-You know, in Japan "cake" doesn't mean what you probably think it does...

-Saw this right after watching the announcement trailer for a new Harlock movie!

-Awesome comes in all shapes and sizes (plastic brick form especially!)

-Some serious 'tude, B.B. Hood style!

-I love Vocaloids. I'm man enough to admit it. :D

-The inevitable result of any Anime Expo...

I thought about drafting some serious wordsmithing as my final thoughts, but to be frank, any words I could possibly conjure would only leave both you and me with the faint taste of inadequacy (one of the reasons I posted so many pictures - I'd rather they tell the bulk of the story). Still, some words are needed, and so if I can trouble you to interject a bit of imagination into the following, I think the thrust of my feelings should make it across.

Anime Expo 2010 was: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In short, if you've ever thought about coming, do. Just do. Especially, if you're thinking about attending AX 2011 as the convention will be celebrating its 2oth Anniversary next year, and if the Closing Ceremony was any indication, it's going to be big. Very big. Get your hotel and passes early (though not before me :P), and I honestly hope to see you there...

Ja ne!

Unofficial Final Attendance Count: 115,000

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