Saturday, May 8, 2010

Discover A Muse

Finally found some time to work on the ArtOrder Discover A Muse challenge (which also has its own handy dandy website!)

As such, here's my very rough and (relatively) small sketch. For whatever cosmic reasons, I decided to go all Arthurian (probably as it's one of my major inspirations), and do a scene of Nimue and Merlin.

In most versions, Nimue was the young woman who became Merlin's apprentice and, eventually, lover. She was also the one that ultimately trapped Merlin in the Crystal Cave. As such, I'd always found their relationship to be rather special, and considering that each, in their own way, inspired the other, seemed rather fitting for this piece.

That, or I am completely off my rocker.

To be honest, I'm not sure I'll have the time to finish this one, but a go I shall give!



  1. this looks great so far man! really like the pose and composition - can`t wait to see how you develop it further!

  2. I love the sketchiness and the colors in this piece <3

  3. Mark!

    Thanks my mate of mates (okay, that sounds wrong...) Hopefully, I'll have the time needed to finish her up. There's still so much that needs resolving before I take it to final paint, but endeavor I shall!


    Thank you very much, you silly cat, you :P For an initial exploration, it's all about the comp, lightning, and general mood. Of course, I'm now going to go in and address all the really important things like structure, accuracy, and all the other things that will actually make it work...yeah!