Monday, May 31, 2010

Discover A Muse Fin...

Model: Veronika Kotlajic
Reference Photography: Von Buzard

Wheeeeeew. Finally, got this done (well, as done as it's going to be), and yippee for having the time to do it when I thought I wouldn't! Score one for time management. Granted, tomorrow, I'm sure I'm going to see nothing but a canvas of regrets, but that's then, this is now, and my eyes have gone all woogily on me, so...yeah.




  1. Whoa- we just updated our blogs at the same time :)

    One of your best man. You are making ibig improvements - keep going dude!

  2. Scott!

    See, now that just totally made my night. Scott Altmann drops by, sends kind groovy waves my way, and updates his blog with some totally awesome art.

    Yep, this was a good Memorial's Day...


  3. hey MU! the world is really small!

    all your works are awesome and this "discover a muse" piece has particularly impressed me. =)