Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some More from Paizo

-Images © 2010 Paizo Publishing

What, another update you ask? Yes, and from the recently released Pathfinder supplement, Classic Horrors Revisited!

This was the first time I was asked to do both full characters and scenes for Paizo, and as such, holds a special place in my illustration memories. That, and this also appears to be the start of me being tasked with making sexy undead ladies in many of my art briefs. Not exactly a bad thing to be known for, but definitely challenging at times :D

This was also the first assignment I worked on coming back from SD Comic Con (and the head spinning I received there), and so I was delving into a new painting method that is still evolving and being used today. Many thanks go to Todd Lockwood for all the advise he gave and continues to give to this very moment. Really, a shining example of just how giving the artists in this industry are...


*Note: the grey backgrounds do not appear in the printed versions. Oh, and it seems in a pinch I make a good reference for tomb banditry... :P


  1. WOO WOO! Looking good! Really great pieces. :) I used myself for refernce for a Paizo piece at the end of last year... though it was a lot less flatering then your self reference.

  2. Sexy MuMonster does it again! :)
    The scarab is exceptionally well painted Mu.. well done mate :)

  3. Chris!

    Thanks! Believe me, the only reason using myself as reference worked was because the character is 90% covered. Without all that clothe, you could see my vestigial tail..wait...


    Thank you, matey mate! I'll admit, I'm best at hard surfaces like metal and such. Squishy things are such a challenge...