Saturday, December 12, 2009

What Lies in Dust...

© 2009 Paizo Publishing

Hey all. First and always (it seems) I need to apologize for the appalling lack of updates, and I hope greatly rectify that in the near future (fingers crossed). Recently, Paizo Publishing has released one of their newest adventure paths (What Lies in Dust) for their Pathfinder CS. As it so happens, this is an especially, well, special supplement for me as it was the very first Paizo and DnD product I had the pleasure to work on! In fact, my complementary copy just arrived in the post today, and is it spiffy!

Now, I could bore you all with another ear(eye)full of older work not representing current blah, blah, blah, but instead, I thought it would just be more enjoyable to share the artwork I contributed and leave it at that.

Oh, and if the mood takes you, please think about taking a gander at the Book itself as such luminaries as Scott Purdy and Keiran Yanner also worked on it, and (in my opinion) greatly overshadowed my own humble contributions. Seriously, those guys are just too damn talented!



  1. Wehey, something released, now I can hope to get payed! ;)
    I really like how ya handled the candle lady.. what brushes did you use? ;)
    Top left lady is my fave, she looks a mean bitch!

  2. Scott!

    Thank you, sir! For the candle, I think I used mainly the chalk and round oil on my old palette. I agree, the top left is my fave too. If I remember correctly, that was the character portrait for Chammady, the same character that appears on the cover. Fun times.