Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Samurai (elf thing)...

Not too much say other than this is a personal piece I'm working on at the moment. I'll be printing this on canvas later and finishing it with paint (a technique I've recently become acquainted with.)

Happy Holidays!


  1. the face reads so well from a distance!
    great mood and colour combo.
    ooo printing on canvas! never tried it before but I do hear it has nice results.
    happy happy holidays to you MuYoung!

  2. Agreed! Face = gorgeous, and I love those painterly brushstrokes you make so well! I can't wait to see it finished. Nice technique too, I have done that before. It's a great way to get an actual painted look, probably bc you are actually painting on it! hahaha...Christine you are a dork. Anyways, posty posty when you finish it up!

  3. Gah! Mu! This is my new favorite piece. I love the light, the pose, the placement of the sword... fantastic. I love the palette. Hey, what made you think of this idea?

    And I'm all for the printed canvas embellishing. :)

  4. Jeff!
    Thanks as always for gracing my little corner of the 'net, mate. I'm considering submitting this (when finished) to Expose. Maybe it might tickle a few noses there...

    Thank yee kindly, deary dear! I would like to say that the face is gorgeous, because it was based on me, but I'm told by my Christian friends that Jesus cries everytime I lie, so...yeah. You, a dork?...well, I always knew there was a good reason I liked dorks so much (me, I lean more towards awkward geekhood.)

    Yeah, it's become one of my favorites as well. :) As for the idea, well, I am a huge Japan-o-phile, but beyond that, honestly, it just kind of arose from doodling. So, to answer your question, I have no bloody idea! Less than inspirational, I know, but I'll trust in the truth (for now...)