Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Samurai (elf thing) Redux

As promised, here's the "final" of the Samurai Elf. Above, is the internet sized version of the digital final for the painting that was then printed on the canvas which leads to the below... the scanned version (the actual was much more saturated and detailed...sigh) of the final final. Despite what the good person at the art shop told me, I should have gotten a clear fixer to apply to the print before the paint, but alas, I didn't, and now I know better. Tricky stuff, this printable canvas.

For completeness's sake, here's a photo of the painting mounted. I swear, it took me longer to cut out and build the mounting than it did to paint the silly thing. Please forgive the fish bowling of the image. There's a good reason I didn't become a photographer... :)

Happy Holidays!


  1. ok lets see here!
    Overall I think this has a really nice atmosphere!
    I really do love the colour palette.

    I think if I were to give my opinion, the folding of his clothing in some places could be developed a little more (ref photos!)
    The area around his foot and the bending are the 2 main ones (now that I look at it more, it makes his forearm look quite long, it could be solved by making the fold a little clearer)

    His lefthand (closer to the spark) seems quite big (a ti for that, compare their hand size to their face, and compare your own hand to your face and the size is about from the eyebrows to the chin)

    and the skin flaps in the ear could be described a little more.

    All just minor things to fix up
    overall kickbutt work!
    (that face is so good!)

  2. 目標是什麼不重要,目標能產生什麼樣的效果才重要........................................