Monday, October 12, 2009

The Work of Magic Elves...

Licensed to Catastrophe Games

So, the magic night painting elves apparently paid me a visit, the above being the result (well, not exactly the above as that's a reduced sized version get the idea...)

I'd say it's certainly a step up from making shoes at night.

The illustration will actually be appearing on a white page, but for the purpose of presentation, I prefer something a little less...bright for my mounting.

Or something like that.


  1. ah very cool
    this has really nice lighting and mood
    (i've never actually seen a triangle format before)
    I also quite like the details in the armour.

    nah you prob don't wanna come to NZ unless its just for a holiday lol
    theres lots of trees. sheep. um i guess you could spot a hobbit if you have sharp eyes

    its just so.. isolated!

  2. I was wondering who was hogging all the magic! Share the elves, man, share!! XD

    I love your colors, Mu.

  3. Wow...I've been bad in both updating and responding...yeesh.

    Thanks! Yeah, I had never worked in a triangle format either, but since I love triangular composition so much anyway, I found it fun. You can really use the lines to impart a sense of motion in such a format.

    About NZ, everything you said is what I love about NZ, especially the hobbit watching. Okay, that didn't sound right...

    Thank you my dear very much! Unfortunately, we're not talking about nice elves like the Keeblers, but more along the Norse style full of all kinds of terrible beauty. So, my hogging of the elves is actually saving the world...yeah...