Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well, Poodoo...

For some reason, this illustration obstinately refuses to get done. Gah!

Why the hell do gnomes only do shoes at night...?


  1. You know, triangles are the most evil of the geometric shapes - right angles might as well be the sign of the devil :)

    This is looking fantastic, by the way. The lighting is great and you've really captured a good sense of mood with the color choices. I like it!

  2. this has quite a painterly feel to it
    quite cool
    is it done in photoshop?

  3. Kim!
    You're absolutely right about those nefarious triangles, but like all truly malevolent beings, they're just so tempting...

    Thanks for the kind words by the by! One of these days I'll find a way to really impress you with my finger paintings here, and then the skies will sing. Oh yes, sing. :)

    How're doing you superstar, you? Yeah, given the choice, I always strive for a painterly approach. As such, I use Painter, and taking a gander at your latest blog posting, I think you can understand why!

  4. o now i see that you used painter
    the brushestrokes are so different compared to photoshop, i don't know why i thought photoshop in the first place..
    I can understand why people use painter tho!
    the brushes are soso nice