Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Underpainting Madness!

Look...I'm a thief, and by the looks of it, not a very good one...

Yeah, the photo shoot for this one was not fun...very hot. That and the mummy had no concept of "personal" space.

Stupid undead...


  1. I'm really liking the pose and shape of the mummy matey, that could be an image all on it's own I reckon!
    Good lighting building up there too!
    Not so opaque as you normally work?

  2. Hey Scott,

    Thanks! Yeah, this actually resembles how I would paint with oils building the darks with glazes and the highlights with opaques (in general). There's still a lot more left to do for this one before it's done. I'll send you the details via the good ol' email!

  3. I really do get an "oil paint" feeling from this. Looking good so far. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: nice balls :)

  4. Hey Kim,


    Finally! Someone has noticed my balls! :P