Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not a Thumbnail

Yeah, so this was supposed to be just a quick gestural thumbnail...

I've failed again.


  1. You have failed. Failed to *not be AWESOME*. I wish I could fail with this much win, Mu. XD

    Hi! I saw your comment on Allen's blog, then remembered the card you gave me had a Blogspot on it, too! We met at Todd's SDCC booth where I was hovering, I'm the girl with the dragon earrings in her black and blue hair. :)
    I really like your work, I posted a comment about one of my favs on my FB, are you on FB?

    I won't get too chatty on here, I know you prefer a phonecall! XD

  2. HEY! I do indeed remember you, though more for the amazing smile than the earrings (though I recall those too!)

    Thanks for the kindness, and yes, I am on Facebook however begrudgingly...

  3. Ha, found your begrudged self on FB. ;) No pressure!