Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make Up Sketch(es)...the Best Kind.

Huzzah, for I come bearing sketches (traditional to boot!)

Yeah...so I found some Gesso and White Ink...hmmm...


  1. Hey MU!!
    You busy little bee...Thought I'd pop in and say hi to you for once, eh? I love that creepy guy with the long arms. Heheheh...Good stuff my man!

  2. Nothing beats putting pencil to paper...or gesso...or whatever :) Glad to see you rockin' the traditional materials.

    That old laughing guy is really creepy. I like him.

  3. Christine! Buzz, buzz...splat. Hmmm...my talents at "bee-ness" are not where they should be, I'm afraid. Still, having you pop by for a kind word and twinkled eye is certainly honey enough for me. Too bad I'm apparently full of sap...

    Kim! Indeed. That's why I've combined paper and gesso into an unholy (and cheap) duology of pure eeevil. Still, no where near your penciled elegance, but I seem to be having a good run on "creepiness" of late Funny thing is my creepy sketches never start out that way...probably a telling commentary on myself...