Friday, July 31, 2009


Recently, I've been told (and by a very reliable source!) that the lighting in my paintings has been less than good, and by that, umm...yeah.

Anyhoo, as such, it was time to hit the fundamentals again and really study the shit out of some geometric objects, like a bomb. Of course, when I needed to find some balls, none were to be found except a lone tennis ball. Not wanting to sit there and study something fuzzy and spherical, I found my stock of kneaded erasers and made some, um, balls. It might be tedious, but I've already rediscovered things I never should have forgotten in the first place.

I can't wait till it's time for cylinders!


  1. Hi MuYoung!
    I think you need to give more credit to your own voice (from the nm podcast!) haha
    I reckon you handled yourself well
    If I were interviewed i'd be a blabbering mess.
    looks like you had fun at the Con!
    so jealous!
    well anyway keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hey Jeffrey!

    First, thank you for bringing my Members to the double digits! Hurray!

    Double thanks for the kind words. Honestly, I know I should be, um, less harsh when judging myself but then I wouldn't be the fine neurotic mess I am today.

    Oh, and yes, Comic Con may very well be the closet I ever get to heaven. Hell, there were even entire bevies of attractive women there too! Who knew...