Thursday, June 4, 2009

Star Trek: The Klingon Empire 01

The targ is a herding animal native to Qo'nos, comparable in form to a Terran boar but with spikes on its back. They are usually dark brown, although some are spotted. Targs are generally regarded as "vicious and destructive" animals. Klingons keep domesticated targs as pets and livestock, and hunt wild targs for sport. The meat and heart of the targ is eaten, while their shoulder fat is used to make var'Hama candles.
-Memory Alpha Entry

Thought I'd forgotten above this concept series, didn't you?

The targ is the most and really, only seen Klingon animal we've ever been shown (I think). As such, it stands as the example of Klingon fauna. Essentially, it's the Klingon version of the boar, only a lot nastier, a lot tougher, and apparently, very conducive to the making of candles. Quite the beast.

Now, keeping with the generally grittier and bigger feel of the new ST franchise, it seemed wildly inappropriate to just do a redress of a terrestrial boar. This is a hunter, a beast that serves much the same purpose dogs do for humans, and should share the same warrior heart of their masters. So, enter an unholy synthesis of wolf and boar with a touch of werewolf for good measure.

The big fellow above is, I'd imagine, the get the idea...grandfather of the, "filthy, mangy beast" that would one day be the loyal companion of a boy from the Ketha Lowlands who one day be the Hero of the Empire.


Note: Just wanted to thank Scott Purdy for introducing me to the painting technique used above, and an apology to the same for absolutely butchering it. Persevere!