Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Graduation or Welcome to Debt

Yesterday, my very close (in a totally platonic way, I swear) friend graduated from his culinary college (I love alliteration!), and being the (totally platonic) friend that I am, I attended.

Good thing I brought my sketchbook, as I am not overly found of speeches, especially bad ones. I'll be honest, if it hadn't been for my sketchbook I would have throttled that person whose speech boiled down to exhorting the graduates to be like Green Lantern...I love the Green Lantern Corp, but not when sending newly minted college grads into the current economic situation.

Anyway...so above are some of my sketches ranging from various audience members to stuff that I'm pretty sure only exist in my head (and if they do exist somewhere else, someone should really tell me. I'm serious!)

Congratulations again, Jesse!

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