Sunday, June 21, 2009

ConceptArt COW #147

So, Scott finally convinced me to participate with the Creature of the Week (COW) activity over at ConceptArt. So, send the hate mail his way for I was but a victim. Better yet, visit his site and set your faces to stun!

Yeah, very bad joke, but that not withstanding, you really should visit Scott's blog for some arty goodness.

Back on topic (whatever it may be), this week's COW was the "Demon Devourer," and the first thing I must say, I could have done better. Much. Oh well...still, after visiting Scott's site (wham, another plug!) hop on over to CA to view all the very lovely entries for the COW.

If you're curious, below are some of the WIP's (works in progress but WIP does sound better) for the above.


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