Friday, June 19, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: DnD Biker Gang

"Zoom, zooooom...gah!"
-Last Words of a very Annoying Person

So, here I come swinging (and probably missing) after forgoing last week's ArtOrder challenge. For this week, Jon challenged us to conceive and convey what a DnD race would look like as part of a biker gang. Now, when I think motorcycles, I can't help but think of Akira (yeah, the Asian in me is showing -- and as an aside, I am so glad that the Hollywood adaptation has been dropped). So, thinking in my usual geeky ways, I thought to myself, gee, what DnD race would fit in NeoTokyo...I know, the Deva! Thus, was my Deva Biker born...

Of course, I couldn't help but put a little old school pre-WWII era bike design in as well as I am also a huge fan of Kino no Tabi...


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