Saturday, June 6, 2009

ArtOrder Concept Challenge: Exchange

"Another tale of thrilling adventure and questionable ideas!"

For this week's ArtOrder Challenge, we built upon last (or was it two weeks ago?) week's concept of Silhouettes, but with a twist: Instead of working on our own set of silhouettes, we were tasked with working on any but our own. In my case, I chose the Striker done by J. Lonnee as it just screamed, "Der Colonel," to me. Now, Jon also wanted us to included the original silhouette and the name of both artists with the rendered image. As such, I thought it would be fun to do my piece in the style and presentation of those old and absolutely wonderful pulp fiction covers of the 50's and 60's. Who didn't love the art done for stories such as the Shadow! I must admit, I had fun with this one, and I hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. I really like this, MuYoung! You definitely gave some character to the silhouette. You said you had fun with this one and it shows.

  2. Sweet!
    I've been so excited to check out everyones work on this project that I have been lurking everyones blogs looking for new work.
    I am totally stoked to see this!
    It's awesome!
    You pretty much nailed the character and the presentation kicks ass...
    I am such a sucker for pulp mags!

  3. That is bloody fantastic Mu!!

  4. Kim: Thanks! Granted, what I came up with was not what I call original, but I try so I'm glad you like it!

    J: Well, coming from the originator of the concept, I'd say that's pretty high praise!

    Scott: What can I say, but that you're my muse :)