Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Good Excuse

Hi, all. First, I want to apologize for the last few days of "inactivity" on the blog, which is my polite way of saying I wasn't bloody posting. I want to assure you that such was not due to laziness (indeed as of this writing I've been up for around 24 hours straight notwithstanding several large gaps in my memory).

Rather, on Monday I found out about a little ol' art contest that Wacom and DeviantArt was holding called "Good v. Evil" with prizes galore. Now, I thought to myself, "I do art, I like prizes, and I like galore so why not do it?" Being the vivacious (and wholely stupid) chap that I am, I went head first into, and only vaguely worried that it was due by Tues. To cut (what felt like) a long story short, I went from scratch to "finished" product in one 16 hour go (I'm a little fuzzy on the actual time as I think I passed out for a few hours), which is the (hopefully) lovely image above.

So, I hope you can forgive me my selfishness, and I really hope that you'll take the time to visit DeviantArt and looked through all the very nice entries HERE starting with mine! If you're really feeling generous, you might even Favorite mine along the way and tell your friends. The more the merrier!

I think I need to go to bed now...

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