Saturday, May 16, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Way Back Machine

"Tall Gnomes...? Now, that's a TALL tale!"
-A very drunk NPC

This week's ArtOrder Challenge was to take the (not so) humble Gnome, and conceive of what they looked like at the dawn of their race. Secretive and quick, I imagined that their current form was very much a product of their years of slavery, and in their race's youth, they were very much the "Noble Savages" of the Feywild. Prior to the Formians, Gnomes were long limbed and as tall as any Man or Elf. While they had not yet gained their racial invisibility, they were already masters of Feywild stealth and silence, clothing themselves with the very forests they called home. However, long centuries slaving in the underground mines of the Formians reduced their stature, and left scars that haunt them still. Distrust and deception became their ways, and darkness and shadow their clothing.

Or something like that.

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