Friday, May 29, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Variations of a Theme

"Gundam: the Eladrin word for 'I win.'"
-Guide to Eladrin and Other Cyberfey, ca. Sixth Age

For this week's ArtOrder challenge, we were asked to take a look at one of the DnD races, take a pose, and do at least three variations of the character, the example given being armor. I like armor, and I like the Eladrin, but I wanted do something a bit outside of the box. As such, I decided to take snapshots of Eladrin during different points of their potential history, starting with the Dawn of their Time (i.e. the Tarzan Age) to the far future or as D20 Modern would put it, a P7-P8 civilization. Now, the reason I didn't make Tarzan Eladrin look Neanderthal-ish (besides the tongue and cheek) was, because every version of Elven history in DnD states that Corellon (the primary elven diety) created them, and I have a hard time believing that a God known for beauty and elegance would make a race that looks like a lumps of ape-shaped rocks that would eventually "evolve" to their present, refined looks. While variation would occur, for the most part, the First Eladrin would probably look fairly similar to their present day descendants.

Go magic!


  1. Hey Mu,

    like I said on awsome show of backbone. I especially like how you totally broke up the form of the future character. Guess I'll see tonight how you fleshed it out!

    while i am here: i seem to have trouble with Blogger. I cant seem to get my thumbnails to work, (they are not clickable) how do you upload them?



  2. Hey Nick,

    As always, nice to hear from you!

    About uploading, when I create a new post, I insert an image via the insert image button thing, and a new dialogue box should pop up with things like format, style, etc. I browse for the image I want, hit upload, and when it's done, that should be it. So long as the image now appears in your post preview, it should be clickable. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a bug.

    Let me know if that doesn't work.

  3. Cheers Mu,

    unfortunately it doesn't work :(
    Maybe it has something to do with the size of the image. I am usually to lazy to reduce the size for these things...

    thanks for the effort.