Saturday, April 18, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Deva 4,000

"Through Prayer They sought the Divine. Through Science They became the Divine..."
-4th Canticle, The Book of the Adeptus

As you may or may not know, this week's ArtOrder concept theme was to take one of the 4th Edition races, and take them to the far future. In my case, I chose the Deva. One of the defining features of this race is that they don't procreate but reincarnate with a small amount of memories carrying through each time. In my mind, technology would eventually afford them a way to refine this reincarnation process with the introduction of cloning technologies. Where there was once just a few individuals, the Deva would now have the ability to become a people, each effectively immortal as memory could then be fully passed on with each new body. However, this would also accelerate their spiritual decay and growing detachment with the other races. Where their clothing incorporated angelic aesthetics, they now would now use their scientific prowess to assume their vision of angelic forms.

Just a note, though, is this piece certainly not done, and I will be continuing it. However, my eyes have staged a minor coup, and well, have demanded some rest.

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