Friday, April 3, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Bromide Race

"The Stance of Rooted Earth...learn it and you shall be as the mountain, practice it and you shall be as the desert winds, master it and become the shifting sands..."
-l'Fa'lkar, Grandmaster of the Way

The world has long since become a desolate waste, blue seas told only in tales, and the falling rain faded into myth. From one sky to another stretches deserts and in the languages of man exist a thousand different words for sand. Yet, they exist, the Bromide, a race of plants and some say they are the last living memory of a green world. Nomads, they keep to their own kind and rarely meet with other races. Lithe, graceful, and agile they prefer to avoid conflict but many a foolish brigand has underestimated their martial prowess. Practitioners of what they call "the Way," they can shift and extend any part of their body as thorny weapons, and while not aggressive, they are implacable in combat.

Alright, this is, as the title might suggest, this week's ArtOrder concept theme, the Bromide plant race. For whatever reasons, I immediately imagined them as a nomadic society of desert dwellers who are, from reasons of necessity, the preeminent gathers of water in their world. As such, I think they would be attacked with some frequency so they also developed and mastered their own martial arts for purposes of protection, a martial art that is at once very deliberate but also similar to gymnastics (not having bones certainly makes it easier).

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