Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Boll Deevil

"Fire makes EVERYTHING better."
-Goblin Saying

For this week's ArtOrder Concept, Jon challenged us to create a truly awesome concept based on the Gonzo of the insect world, the Boll Weevil. In this rendition, I imagined what Goblins armed with magic and a love of fire would do with Boll Weevil's, now named Boll Deevils. What I ended up with was the above; Goblin shamans had managed to transform the adult form of the Boll Deevil into massive seige engines of fire and eldritch might while the larvae form of the Boll Deevil became ideal mounts ridden by both Goblin shocktroops and war shamans. Where once these Goblins were nothing more than desert raiders, now they had the means to conquer.

Or something like that.


  1. Nice backstory. This is a great blog you keep. It's full of good art and witticisms.

  2. Thanks,Piya!

    Sometimes I worry if those "witty" comments of mine make me sound more like a sarcastic twit. So, sir, you have helped to greatly relieve this poor soul's worries (there I go again...sigh).