Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Battlestar

As many know, Battlestar Galactica ended last Friday, and now having a full weekend to come to terms with this fact (and oh did I weep forlorn tears), I just wanted to share a brief set of my thoughts.

First, I must say that it was, in the words of Edward Olmos, quite the satisfying end in that it resolved many of the individual character arcs though with the classic "not-happily-ever-after" style that we've come to know and love these last five years. I was particularly please how they dealt with both of the Adama's. I find it interesting that for many of the characters, they chose some form of solitute for their respective ends. Both Bill Adama and Tyrol go into isolation, Apollo goes off to the explore (presumably alone), and Starbuck up and disappears. Tigh and Ellen get to continue their thousands of years old disfunctional love.

However, the end did leave me with several important and fundamental questions, namely what the heck was up with Starbuck and by extension the virtual Baltar and Six, and why was Hera so frakkin' important? Aside from her rescue being the event that Starbuck "found" our Earth, why in the world did both the Final Five and Kara state that Hera was vital to the survival of both races. As far as I can tell, her presence or lack thereof would not have mattered on "new" Earth. Seriously, what hell was so necessary about her?

Still, I loved the final episode and the show period, and I can't wait for the extended cut that has been promised for the DVD release. I just want to thank Ronald Moore so much for giving us what I really think was the best show on TV, prove that feature quality can be done with a TV budget, and I am so looking forward to Caprica.

Since I know you, RD, read this blog (yeah), I also just want to say that if you ever need an artist for any project you do, give me a call, and I will frakkin' drop anything I'm doing!

I'm going to miss you, BG!

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