Saturday, March 7, 2009

ArtOrder Weekly Concept: Cockatrice Edition

"Dragons! Heh...they make mighty fine statues!"
-Argenson Highwilde, Lance Captain, 83rd Talenta Air Cavalry

While 4,000 years is but a blink in the eyes of evolution, magic can make that one hell of a blink. For centuries, the halflings of the Talenta plains have roamed the open grasslands upon the backs of their prized razorbacks, but after the end of the Hundred Year War and the tumultus decades that followed, they found the need for something more. Working with House Vadalis, they were able to breed the first flight capable cockatrice. While not as fast as hippogriffs or as physically potent as a wyvern, these cocktrices' deadly gaze could be used to devastating effect against both enemies in the sky or on the ground. Indeed, every member of the Air Cavalry knew a dragon would fall just fine as a statue.

This is my submission to the ArtOrder weekly concept sketch. If you haven't visited ArtOrder, go now, and if you don't know what ArtOrder is, then it's time to double click that link!

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