Friday, March 13, 2009

ArtOrder Garreth Sketch

Garreth: Derivative of Welsh "Gareth" meaning "gentle."

Garreth can best be described as "Anti-Hobbits." While both are short of stature and fleet of foot, there is no question that somewhere along the way, the Garreth took a decidedly different turn than their pastoral cousins. Servants of Red Dragons to the point of worship, these small humanoids make their homes near the blasted wastelands of their draconic lords. As such, they dress in heavy leathers when possible (readily available from the discarded corpses of would-be dragon slayers) to ward against the constant flames of their environment. Their leathery heads have long since had any hairs burned away, yet their bodies seem more resistant to combustability than many other races. Indeed, these creatures are a pathetic sight, a fact that has led to many fatal underestimations by adventurers. Perhaps most ominous of all is the fact that despite the desolate nature of their homes, Garreths easily maintain their portly figures.

After all, they always smile when a band of adventurers visit...

This week's ArtOrder Concept Theme was a little known race of humanoids known as "Garreths, and from Jon Schindehette's description, they definitely seem like a nasty piece of work.

* Little under 3.0 hrs...I'm slow.

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