Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ArtOrder Concept Sketch: Pet of Orcus

Deep in the Elemental Chaos, far within the Pit floats an angelic figure unharmed save for the presence of primordial chains 'twined about her body. Far into the dark hours, the Prince of Undeath, Orcus, stares unmoving. Since there has been Orcus, she has been there with him, and all that the lesser demons know is that none may touch her. Is she a plaything for the Demon Prince's torments or a pet slaved to his desires? No one but those two can say...

In the new 4th Ed, Orcus was originally one of the gods that was corrupted during the war with the Primordials, becoming the demon prince we know today. As such, I've always been curious as to the nature and history of Orcus prior to his fall, and though a truly corrupt being now, I like the idea that some small shard of who he once was is buried deep within Orcus, a tiny echo of light. So enters his "pet" (above), Niena who was his most devoted Exarch and some say divine love. Where Orcus destroyed all others, he imprisioned her when she followed him to the Abyss. Most believe that Orcus keeps her alive as an eternal torment, and perhaps, this is what he believes as well. The truth is, though, that she is the last shred of a time that even the Prince of Undeath cannot recall, and the only being in all Creation that has shed tears for Orcus...

Sorry for the late up today's (or I guess yesterday's) post. As the title suggests, this week's Concept Theme at ArtOrder was what kind of pet Orcus might have. Considering his fundamentally perverse nature and my own obsession with adding pathos to villains, I thought an "angel" might just fit the bill.

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