Friday, March 27, 2009

ArtOrder Concept: Constructs

"One man's Hero is everyone else's Food."
-Maegdon of Droaam, Artificer and Entrepreneur

I imagine that the above "chuck wagon" to be the creation of some ambitious (and mad) wizard or artificer who wanted to corner the market on food for monsters. Long dead, his constructs of metal shells and wooden sinew still roam about the multiverse finding both corpses and fresher meat for its collecting. Spearing its finds, it then "eats" the hapless victim and stores in its "stomach" where the magical juices proceed to both preserve and tenderize. Being DnD, though, the stomach is of course clear and potentially breakable so as to better facilitate an adventurer's (attempted) rescue. A less insane mage may have designed such a construct with a fully armored abdomen...thank the gods for small blessings, I suppose.

This week's ArtOrder theme was constructs as they relate to a DnD setting. Hopefully, the "chuck wagaon" fits into a fantasy setting, visually speaking.

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